Celtic and Old English Saints          13 September

* St. Wilfrida of Wilton
* St. Theneva of Glasgow

St. Wilfrida of Wilton, Abbess
Mother of Saint Edith and Abbess of Wilton,
Who Repented of a Sinful Youth and Was
Tonsured by St Ethelwold of Winchester
(also known as Wulfritha, Wulfthryth)
Died c. 988. Commemorated also 9 September. Saint Wilfrida was a novice
at the convent of Wilton when she caught the eye of the King Saint Edgar
the Peaceful, who had been rejected by her cousin, Saint Wulfhilda. She
became his concubine and bore his daughter, Saint Edith of Wilton, out
of wedlock. Shortly after Edith's birth, she returned to Wilton with her
child. There she took the veil at the hands of Saint Ethelwold. As a
nun, and later as abbess, Wilfrida did penance and made ample amends for
the irregularity of her liaison with Edgar (Benedictines, Farmer).

St. Theneva of Glasgow
(Thenu, Enoch, Denw),
Mother of Saint Kentigern Mungo
See 18 July

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