Celtic and Old English Saints          2 November

* St. Baya and St. Maura
* St. Hercus of Slane
* St. Cumgar of Devonshire

St. Baya and St. Maura, Virgins
Died 10th century. The Scottish Saint Baya instructed Saint Maura in
the eremitical life. Followers later gathered around Maura, who
organised them into a community of which she was abbess. Some authors
identify Saint Baya with Saint Begha or Bee (f.d. October 31). They
might also be identical to Saints Maura and Britta (f.d. January 15)
(Benedictines, Delaney).

St. Hercus, Bishop of Slane, Ireland,
Consecrated by Saint Padraig

Troparion of St Erc Tone 1
Even in the darkness of heathendom/ thou didst recognise the God-given
authority of Ireland's Enlightener, O Hierarch Erc,/ and wast baptized
at his hands./ Wherefore we beseech thee, pray to Christ our God/ that
being blessed with the virtue of humility/ we may be found worthy of
eternal salvation.

St. Cumgar of Devonshire, Confessor

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