Celtic and Old English Saints          18 May

* St. Conval of Strathclyde
* St. Feredarius of Iona
* St. Elgiva of Shaftesbury
* St. Merililaun

St. Conval of Strathclyde
6th century. Despite the efforts of Protestant reformers to eradicate
the memory of Conval, archdeacon to Saint Kentigern (f.d.January 14),
there is a church still in Glasgow dedicated to his memory. He was
active throughout the region of Strathclyde, south of Glasgow,
especially in Renfrewshire (Montague).

St. Feredarius of Iona, Abbot
Born in Ireland; died after 863. Saint Feredarius was chosen abbot of
Iona in 863. During his abbacy the relics of Saint Columba (f.d. June
9) were removed to Ireland for fear of the invading Danes

St. Elgiva of Shaftesbury, Queen & Widow
(Aelgifu, Algyva, Aelgytha)
Died 971. As the mother of Kings Edwy and Saint Edgar the Peaceful
(f.d. July 8) and wife of King Edmund of Wessex (921-46), Saint Elgiva
was "the adviser and ennobler of the whole kingdom." On the death of
her husband, Elgiva retired to the convent of Shaftesbury, where she
ended her days and which is the centre of her cultus. William of
Malmesbury praised her for her generosity, wise counsel, and the gift of
prophecy. He also wrote about the miracles wrought at her intercession
(Benedictines, Farmer, Gill).

St. Merililaun (Merolilaun, Merolitain) Martyr
8th century. Merililaun was a British/Scottish pilgrim who met his death
violently near Rheims on the shore of the river Aisne while he was on
pilgrimage to Rome. His relics were secretly buried, and later discovered
through a heavenly revelation. His relics were in the Saint-Symphorian
church in Rheims. (Petits Bollandiste", 7th edition, Bar-le-Duc,1876)


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