Celtic and Old English Saints          2 June

* St. Adalgis of Novara
* St. Oda the Good of Canterbury
* St. Bodfan of Abern

St. Adalgis of Novara, Priest Hermit
(also known as Adelgis, Algise, Algis)
Died c. 686. Adalgis, an Irish monk and disciple of Saint Fursey
(f.d.January 16), holds a place in the folklore of northern and eastern
France. He settled with his brothers Saints Gobain (f.d. June 20) and
Etto (f.d. July 10) in the forest of Thierache and became one of the
apostles of Picardy. Venturing forth from their little cell, known as
Cellula, they evangelized in the area around Arras and Laon. The
village of Saint-Algis grew up around the small monastery he founded.

About 970, the Irish Abbot Forannan translated the relics of Saint
Adalgis to the monastery church of Saint Michael in
Thierache.(Benedictines, D'Arcy, Encyclopaedia, Fitzpatrick, Gougaud,
Kenney, O'Hanlon, Montague).

St. Oda the Good, Archbishop of Canterbury
Born in East Anglia; died 959. Born of Danish parents in England, Oda
became bishop of Ramsbury (Wessex). He was with King Athelstand when the
king defeated the Danes, Scots, and Northumbrians at the Battle of
Brunanburh in 937. In 942, he became archbishop of Canterbury. He tried
to escape consecration by declaring that, unlike previous archbishops,
he was not
a monk. He only consented to accept the dignity after he had received
the Benedictine habit from the hands of the abbot of Fleury-sur-Loire in
France (reformed by another Saint Odo--of Cluny, who had died in 942).

Oda played an active role in secular as well as ecclesiastical affairs
during the reigns of Kings Edmund and Edgar and paved the way for
monastic restoration under SS. Dunstan, Oswald (Oda's nephew), and
Ethelwold. He is reputed to have performed several miracles (Attwater,
Benedictines, Delaney, Encyclopaedia).

St. Bodfan (Bobouan)
7th century. Tradition says that Saint Bodfan, his father, and other
relatives embraced the religious life after Beaumaris Bay was formed by
a huge inundation. He is the patron saint of Abern in Carnarvonshire
(Benedictines).Bodfan (Bobouan)


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