Celtic and Old English Saints          10 June

* St. Ithamar of Rochester
* St. Illadan of Rathlihen

St. Ithamar (Ythamar), Bishop of Rochester
Born in Kent, England; died c. 656. In 644, Ithamar became the first
Anglo-Saxon bishop in England when he was consecrated by Pope Honorius
to succeed Saint Paulinus in the see of Rochester. The Venerable Bede
relates that "though he was a man of Kent," he equalled his predecessors
in piety and learning. In 655, Ithamar consecrated a South Saxon,
Frithona or Saint Deusdedit, as archbishop of Canterbury. Because he had
a reputation as a miracle-worker, Ithamar is titular patron of several
churches. In approximately the year 1077 Ithamar's relics were enshrined
at Rochester (Benedictines, Encyclopaedia, Farmer, Walsh).

St. Illadan, Bishop of Rathlihen
(also known as Illathan, Iolladhan)
6th century. Bishop of Rathliphthen (now Rathlihen) in Offaly, Ireland

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