Russian Church Institutes Feastday of All Saints of Britain and Ireland

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  Moscow, August 21, 2007, Interfax - The Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox 
Church instituted a holiday to honour Christians who lived on the islands of 
Great Britain and Ireland and were canonized before the 1054 schism that 
divided Christendom into the Western Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches.

  The holiday will be an annual event observed on the third Sunday after 
Pentecost (this Sunday, 13 June).

  The Synod, which met on Tuesday, also ordered that these saints' names be 
included in the Menology after their Christian exploits have been studied.

  The Synod's decision follows an appeal of March 3, 2007, in which the diocese 
of Sourozh, a Russian Orthodox diocese having the islands of Great Britain and 
Ireland for its territory, asked the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, 
Patriarch Alexy II, and its Holy Synod to institute a holiday for pre-1054 
British and Irish saints.

  All Saints of Britain and Ireland pray to God for us.


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