Celtic and Old English Saints          11 June

* St. Blitharius of Seganne
* St. Herebald of Brittany
* St. Tochumra of Kilmore
* St. Tochumra of Tuam

St. Blitharius (Blier) of Seganne
Born in Scotland and died in France in the 7th century. Saint Blitharius
migrated to France with Saint Fursey, and settled at Seganne in
Champagne, where he is still held in great veneration (Benedictines).

St. Herebald (Herband) of Brittany
Born in Britain 8th century. Herebald embraced the solitary life in
Brittany, where a church is dedicated to him (Benedictines).

St. Tochumra of Kilmore, Virgin
Date unknown. Tochumra is a virgin venerated in the diocese of Kilmore,
Ireland, and is invoked by women in labour (Benedictines, Husenbeth).

St. Tochumra of Tuam, Virgin
Date unknown. This Tochumra was titular saint of Tochumracht parish in
the diocese of Killfenora (Benedictines, Husenbeth).

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