Celtic and Old English Saints          14 June

* St. Brendan the Navigator
* St. Cearan the Devout
* St. Dogmael of Pembroke
* St. Nennus of the Isle of Arran
* St. Psalmodius of Limoges

Translation of the Relics of St. Brendan the Navigator,
Abbot and Founder of Clonfert, Ireland, Who Sailed to America
See his Life , 16 May, archived at


Troparion of St Brendan tone 4
The Divine Likeness has been perfected in thee, O holy Father Brendan,/
for taking up the Cross thou hast followed Christ,/ and by thy deeds
thou hast taught us to disdain the flesh for it passes away,/ but to
cultivate the soul for it is immortal:/ wherefore, O holy father, thy
spirit rejoices with the Angels.

St. Cearan the Devout, Abbot of Bellach-Duin,
County Meath, Ireland (Ciaran)
Died 870. Cearan was an Irish abbot of Bellach-Duin (Castle- Keerant),
County Meath (Benedictines).

St. Dogmael, Hermit of Pembroke, Wales
(also known as Docmael, Dogfael, Dogmeel, Dogwel, Toel)
Early 6th century. A Welsh monk of the house of Cunedda, Dogmael founded
several cells in Pembrokeshire, Brittany, and Anglesey. Under the name
Toel, he is titular saint of a church in Trequier in Brittany, and is
probably identical to Dogmeel who has a considerable cultus in Brittany,
where he is invoked to help children to learn to walk (Benedictines,
Farmer, Husenbeth).

St. Nennus, Abbot of the Isle of Arran, Scotland
(also known as Nenus, Nehemias)
7th century. Nennus, born into the O'Birn family, succeeded Saint Enda
as abbot of the monasteries of the Arran and Bute isles in 654
(Benedictines, Encyclopaedia, Husenbeth).

St. Psalmodius, Hermit of Limoges, France, Disciple of Saint Brendan
(also known as Psalmet, Sauman, Saumay)

Died c. 690; second feast on August 6. Psalmodius, of Irish or Scottish
descent, became a disciple of Saint Brendan. About 630, he took
Brendan's advice and migrated to France where he lived as a hermit in
the forest of Grie near Limoges. In France, he placed himself under the
direction of Bishop Saint Leontius of Saintes, who helped him progress
still further in
Christian virtue. His relics are kept in a silver shrine in the
collegiate church of Saint Agapotus in Languedoc (Benedictines,


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