Celtic and Old English Saints          27 June

* St. John of Chinon
* St. Benen of Armagh

St. John of Chinon, Hermit
Born in Brittany; 6th century. Saint Gregory of Tours tells us that
Saint John became a hermit at Chinon (or Caion) in Touraine, there he
confined himself to a little cell and oratory near the church. He
attempted to withdrew from superfluous commerce with others, preferring
to tend his orchard, including some laurels under which he would sit to
read or write. He was the spiritual adviser of Queen Saint Radegund. He
was interred at his cell after his death. Many pilgrims were restored to
health at his intercession (Benedictines, Husenbeth).

At Glastonbury, the Translation of the Relics of St. Benen
(Benignus), Archbishop of Armagh, Saint Patrick's chanter
(See his Life - 9 November)

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