Celtic and Old English Saints       28 June

* St. Austell of Cornwall & Brittany
* St. Crummine of Lackan
* St. Egilo of Pruem

St. Austell, Monk of Cornwall, Disciple of Saint Mevan
(Austol, Hawystill)
6th century; died at Saint-Meen, Brittany, France. The Cornish monk
Austell was the godson and a disciple of Saint Meen (f.d. June 21). He
probably lived near Saint Austell in Cornwall, which now preserves his
name and adjoins the parish of Saint Mewan (Meen). When Meen followed
Saint Samson (f.d. July 28) from Wales to Brittany, Austell accompanied
him. Together they evangelized the Broceliande district and were buried
in the same tomb. He may have left his name to Aust of Awst in
Gloucester (Attwater2, Attwater2, Benedictines, Encyclopaedia, Farmer).

Troparion of St Austol tone 7
Light of Cornwall and pillar of the Faith,/ holy Austol, disciple of
Samson:/ thou wast a fellow-labourer with Saint Mewan,/ in such
companionship that thou didst die with him and share his grave./ Pray to
Christ our God to grant us His great mercy.

St. Crummine, Bishop of Lackan, County Westmeath, Ireland,
Disciple of Saint Padraig
5th century. Saint Crummine was a disciple of Saint Patrick (f.d.March
17), who put him in charge of the church of Leccuine (Lackan) in County
Wearmeath (Benedictines).

St. Egilo (Egilon, Eigil) of Pruem, Abbot
Died 871. Saint Egilo was a monk of Croyland Abbey, who was martyred
with his abbot and many of his community by the invading Danes

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