Celtic and Old English Saints          5 July

* St. Edana of West Ireland
* St. Erfyl
* St. Fragan and St. Gwen
* St. Grace and St. Probus of Cornwall
* St. Modwenna of Whitby
* St. Modwenna of Polesworth
* St. Modwenna of Burton-on-Trent

St. Edana of West Ireland, Virgin
(Edaene, Etaoin)
Date unknown. Edana, an Irish saint, is the patron of the parishes of
Tuarnia in western Ireland in the dioceses of Elphin and Tuam. A famous
holy well bears her name. She appears to have lived near the confluence
of the rivers Boyle and Shannon. Some have thought her to be identical
with Saint Modwenna (Benedictines, Husenbeth).

St. Erfyl (Eurfyl), Virgin and Foundress of Llanerfyl Church
in Montgomeryshire, Wales
Date unknown. Saint Erfyl was a British maiden, who founded the church
of Llanerfyl in Montgomeryshire (Benedictines).

St. Fragan and St. Gwen (Blanche)
5th century. During the troubled times following the Roman departure
from Britain, Saints Fragan and Gwen became refugees in Brittany, where
many churches are dedicated to each of them. They are the parents of
Saints Winwaloe, Jacut, Guethenoc, and Gunthiern (Benedictines).

Troparion of Ss Fragan and Gwen tone 4
O noble exiles Fragan and Gwen/ who fled to Brittany in troubled times:/
you established churches to God's praise and glory;/ your children
brought joy and gladness to the Breton people./ We praise you, glorious

St. Grace and St. Probus of Cornwall
Date unknown. Saints Probus and Grace were husband and wife, who lived
in Cornwall. They are patrons of the Cornish parish of Probus where their
relics still remain.

St. Modwenna of Whitby, Virgin
(Edana, Medana, Moninne, Merryn)
Died c. 695. Four or five saints of this name are listed in different
menologies, but their lives are hopelessly confused. This one, often
confused with Saint Modwenna of Polesworth, seems to be one of the more
important ones. This Modwenna succeeded Saint Hilda as abbess of Whitby
(Attwater, Benedictines).

St. Modwenna, Abbess of Polesworth

St. Modwenna, Abbess of Burton-on-Trent, England

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