Celtic and Old English Saints          14 July

* St. Idus of Leinster
* St. Deusdedit of Canterbury

St. Idus of Leinster, Bishop
5th century. Saint Idus was a disciple of Saint Patrick, by whom he was
baptized. Patrick appointed him bishop of Alt-Fadha in Leinster. He is
often invoked in the old Irish prayer in verse which bears the name of
Saint Moling (Benedictines, Husenbeth).

St. Deusdedit of Canterbury, Bishop
(Adeodatus, also known as Frithona)
Died October 28 (or July 14), 664; feast day formerly on January 14.
Deusdedit was a South Saxon, who became the first Anglo-Saxon primate
when he succeeded Saint Honorius as archbishop of Canterbury in 653. He
helped to build the monastery of Medehamstede (Petersborough) in 657,
and founded the convent on Thanet Island. He consecrated Damian bishop
of Rochester. Nothing further is known of him except that he died during
the great pestilence, on the same day as King Erconbert of Kent, and was
buried in the monastery church of Saints Peter and Paul (later Saint
Augustine's) in Canterbury. His shrine remained there until the
destruction of the Reformation (Benedictines, Delaney,
Encyclopaedia, Farmer).


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