Celtic and Old English Saints          15 July

* St. Adalard the Younger
* St. Donald of Ogilvy
* St. Edith of Polesworth
* St. Plechelm of Guelderland

St. Adalard the Younger
Died c. 824. Saint Adalard was a monk of Corbie Abbey under Abbot Saint
Adalard. He was only 20 years old when he died (Benedictines).

St. Donald of Ogilvy
(also known as Donivald, Domhnall)
Died early 8th century. Donald, a resident of Ogilvy in Forfarshire,
Scotland, formed a religious group with his nine daughters (the "Nine
Maidens") on the death of his wife. They entered a monastery in
Abernathy after his death (Benedictines, Delaney, Farmer).

Icon of Saint Donald

St. Edith of Polesworth, Widow
Died 925? The identity of Saint Edith is very confused. She was
definitely the widow of a king of Northumbria and died as a nun, perhaps
the abbess, of Polesworth in Warwickshire. Some identify her as the
sister of King Athelstan of England and wife of the Viking king,
Sihtric. When Sihtric died the year after their marriage (926), she took
the veil. Others believe that she was the sister of King Edgar the
Peaceful and aunt of Saint Edith of Wilton. There is a possibility that
there are two women named Edith of Polesworth (Attwater, Benedictines,
Delaney, Encyclopaedia).

St. Plechelm of Guelderland, Bishop
Born in Northumberland; died c. 730. Plechelm was ordained a priest. He
went to Rome with another Northumbrian priest, Saint Wiro, and a deacon
named Otger. In Rome, Wiro and Plechelm were consecrated regionary
bishops. After doing missionary work in Northumbria, they went to the
Friesland area of the Netherlands, where they evangelized the
inhabitants of the lower Meuse Valley under Saint Willibrord or Saint
Swithbert, and built a church and cells at Odilienberg on land granted
to them by Blessed Pepin of Herstal. They were martyred while preaching
the Gospel (Benedictines, Delaney).


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