Celtic and Old English Saints          3 August

* St. Mancus of Cornwall
* St. Senach of Clonard
* St. Trea of Ardtree

St. Mancus (Manaccus), Bishop
Date unknown. Mancus is the titular patron of Lanreath church in
Cornwall, where, according to William Worcestre, his relics were
venerated. His image appears in a 16th-century window at Saint Neot's
Church in Cornwall (Farmer).

St. Senach (Snach), Bishop of Clonard
6th century. A disciple of Saint Finnian (f.d. December 12) and his
successor at Clonard (Benedictines).

St. Trea of Ardtree, Hermitess
5th century. After her conversion to Christianity by Saint Patrick
(f.d. March 17), Saint Trea became a recluse at Ardtree in Derry,
Ireland (Benedictines).

Troparion of St Trea tone 3
Angels rejoiced in thy life of prayer, fasting and seclusion/ for the
love of Christ our Saviour, O holy Trea./ Aware of our worldliness and
lack of resolution,/ we turn to thee, O blessed one, beseeching thee to
intercede for us with Christ our God that He will grant us great mercy.


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