Celtic and Old English Saints          9 August

* St. Nathy of Achonry
* St. Phelim of Kilmore

St. Nathy (Dathy, David) Cruimthir of Achonry, Bishop
Died c. 610. Saint Finian of Clonard (f.d. December 12) built a church
in 530 and appointed his disciple, Saint Nathy, as its pastor. His
surname (Comrah or Cruimthir) in Erse signifies a priest. In Saint
Finian's "vita" he is styled a priest; however, in that of Saint Fechin
(f.d. January 20), he is a bishop or abbot. There is considerable
disparity over Nathy's status within the hierarchy; he may never had
been consecrated as bishop, although Achonry is a bishop's see.
Nevertheless, Saint Nathy had a powerful influence in Connaught and is
the patron of the diocese of Achonry, Sligo, Ireland.

St. Phelim, Bishop of Kilmore
(Fedlimud, Felim, Felimy, Fidleminus)
Died 6th century. Saint Phelim is said to have been Saint Dermot's
(f.d. January 10) brother and a disciple of Saint Columba (f.d. June 9).
He seems to be the bishop of Cluain (Clunes) near Lough Erne, who was
buried near Saint Tigernach (f.d. April 4), the first bishop of that
see. The city of Kilmore (which means 'great church') rose up around
the site of his cell. As the principal patron of Kilmore, his feast is
celebrated with solemnity throughout the diocese (Benedictines,

Troparion of St Phelim Tone 4
Thou wast a jewel in the diadem of spiritual athletes/ as bestowed on
the Bride of Christ by Iona's Monastery, O Hierarch Phelim,/ Wherefore
we pray thee to intercede with Christ our God for us,/ lax and unworthy
as we are,/ that we may be granted great mercy.

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