Celtic and Old English Saints          12 August

* St. Porcarius and Companions
* St. Merewenna
* St Just of Penzance
* St. Jambert of Canterbury

St. Porcarius and Companions, Martyrs
Died c. 732. Abbot Porcarius governed Lerins Abbey on an island
off the coast of Provence, France, now known as Saint-Honorat, at
a time when the monastery included over 500 monks. About 732,
Porcarius was warned by an angel that they were threatened by the
descent of barbarians from the sea. Immediately the abbot heeded
the warning and sent off to safety all the young students at the
abbey and 36 of the younger religious. When the ship left fully
loaded, he set about preparing the rest of the community for death.
The community was attacked by the Saracens, probably Moors from
Spain or North Africa, and were massacred, except four who were
taken into slavery. Their feast is kept in the diocese of Frejus,
France (Benedictines, Encyclopaedia, Walsh).

St. Merewenna, Virgin
Date unknown. There are many saints by this and similar names that
are totally confused. This Merewenna is said to have been one of
the daughters of Brychan of Brecknock (f.d. April 6). She is the
titular saint of Marhamchurch near Bude, Cornwall (Benedictines).

St Just (Ust, Justus) of Penzance
Date unknown. Saint Ust has been described as a hermit or a
martyr or even a bishop, but nothing is known with certainty. His
various stories may have been an amalgam of those of several holy
men. Nevertheless, he is the patron of the church of Saint Just
near Penzance (Benedictines).

Church of Saint Just-in-Roseland

St. Jambert of Canterbury, Bishop
Died 790. Jambert, abbot of Saint Augustine's, succeeded Saint
Bregwin (f.d. August 26) as archbishop of Canterbury (Benedictines,

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