Celtic and Old English Saints       13 August

*St. Muredach of Killala

St. Murtagh (Muredach) of Killala, Bishop
Died c. 455.

The foundation of the diocese of Killala dates from the time of St.
Patrick, who placed his disciple St. Muredach over the church called in
Irish Cell Alaid. In a well that still flows close to the town, beside
the sea, Patrick baptized in a single day 12,000 converts, and on the
same occasion, in presence of the crowds, raised to life a dead woman
whom he also baptized. Muredach is described as an old man of Patrick's
family, and was appointed to the Church of Killala as early as 442 or
443. His feast-day is 12 August. It is probable that he resigned his see
after a few years, and retired to end his life in the lonely island in
Donegal Bay which has ever since borne his name, Innismurray. It was at
Killala that Patrick baptized the two maidens whom he met in childhood
at Focluth Wood by the western sea, and whose voices in visions of the
night had often pathetically called him to come once more and dwell
amongst them.

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