Celtic and Old English Saints          27 August

* St. Decuman of Dunster
* St. Malrubius of Merns

St. Decuman (Dagan) of Wales, Martyr
Died 716; feast day in Norwich and Roscarrock is August 30. A
15th-century "vita" tells us that Saint Decuman was a Welsh monk from
Rhoscrowther (Llandegyman), Pembrokeshire (Dyfed), who settled as a
hermit near Dunster in Somersetshire, where he was beheaded by an
assassin while in prayer. The legend continues that he carried his own
head to a nearby well. He appears to have had a well-established cultus
in Cornwall, Wales, and Somerset, where there are dedications in his
honour. He is the patron of Watchet and Saint Decumans in Somerset,
England (Benedictines, Farmer). In art, Saint Decuman is portrayed as
hermit holding a processional cross (Roeder).

St. Malrubius, Hermit
Died c. 1040. Malrubius, an anchorite in Merns (Kincardineshire),
Scotland, was entirely occupied by penitential exercises and meditation.
During the Norwegian incursion he left his cell to minister to his
countrymen. He also tried to use the opportunity to preach the Gospel
to the intruders, but instead he was martyred (Benedictines, Husenbeth).

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