Celtic and Old English Saints          28 August

* St. Emmon of Besancon
* St. Flannon of Killaloe

St. Emmon of Besancon
In the old monastery of Luxeuil (Luxovium), in the diocese of BesanР·on,
Saint Emmon, monk. The Acts of Saint Adelph (11 September)
teach us that when that saint came to see his brethren of Luxeuil, to die
among them, Emmon was the one that had the blessing of taking
care of the illustrious ill.

St. Flannon of Killaloe
7th century. In Killaloe, a small town of Ireland, in Co. Munster and Co.
Clare, Saint Flannan, first bishop of that See and confessor. Son of King
Theodoric (probably Theodoric II, 4th king of Orleans, 3rd king of Burgundy
and 7th king of Metz or Austrasia (587-613), he was consecrated, c. 639,
by Pope John IV, and endowed the Church greatly. He was entombed in his
cathedral of Killaloe.

Lives kindly supplied by:
Petits Bollandistes, 7th edition, Bar-le-Duc 1876

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