Celtic and Old English Saints          2 September

* St. Hieu of Tadcaster
* St. Lolan of Scotland

St. Hieu of Tadcaster, Abbess of Tadcaster, Yorkshire,
Who Was Tonsured by Saint Aidan of Lindisfarne
Born in Northumbria, England; died c. 657. Saint Hieu received the veil
from Saint Aidan, who appointed her abbess of Tadcaster abbey in
Yorkshire. Some believe that Saint Hieu is identical to Saint Bega

Troparion of St Hieu tone 8
In Tadcaster's Monastery, O Abbess Hieu,/ thou didst shine with the
virtues of asceticism and humility./ Pray that we also may follow the
example of thy great teacher, the Hierarch Aidan,/ and live lives of
spiritual struggle that our souls may be saved.

St. Lolan (Lolanus) of Scotland, Bishop
Died c. 1034. The exact dates and history of Saint Lolanus are shrouded
by time. He was a Scottish bishop, whom legend makes a native of
Galilee. He left his homeland to preach the Gospel in Scotland during the
5th [?] century (Benedictines).

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