Celtic and Old English Saints          7 September

* St. Alcmund Bishop of Hexham
* St. Tilbert of Hexham
* St. Grimonia of Picardy

St. Alcmund (Ealhmund), Bishop of Hexham
Died September 7, 781. Alcmund was consecrated the seventh bishop of
Hexham in 767, and was succeeded by Saint Tilbert in 781. Their sanctity
is celebrated by Simeon of Durham, Roger of Hoveden, the Annals of
Peterborough, and many martyrologies. Although Alcmund was buried beside
Saint Acca outside the church; the site of his grave was lost during the
Danish invasions. In 1032, following a revelation they were found and
reburied within the church. In 1154, the relics of all the saints of
Hexham were translated to a single shrine, as was recorded by a canon
regular of Hexham, an eye-witness, but they were scattered by the Scots
in 1296 (Benedictines, Farmer, Husenbeth, Raine).

St. Tilbert (Gilbert, Tileberht), Bishop of Hexham
Died 789. Saint Tilbert succeeded Saint Alcmund as bishop of Hexham
(781-789). In the chronicles he is called saint and beloved father, but
he had no known cultus and no details are known about his life
(Benedictines, Farmer, Husenbeth).

St. Grimonia (Germana) of Picardy, Virgin & Martyr
4th century (or 560?). Although born of an illustrious Irish family,
Saint Grimonia, consecrated herself to God and migrated to Laon,
Picardy. On the spot where she was martyred in defence of her chastity,
a chapel was built for her relics. The miracles of healing that occurred
there led to pilgrimages and the growth of the town called Capelle. In
the wars in the fifteenth century her relics were translated to the
abbey of Hennin Lictard, between Douay and Lens where she is honoured
together with Saint Proba her fellow martyr (Benedictines, Husenbeth).


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