Celtic and Old English Saints            11 December

* St. Cian of Wales
* St. Emers
* St. Peris of Wales

St. Cian of Wales
6th century. The Welsh Saint Cian ended his life as a hermit in
Carnarvonshire. He is sometimes described as a servant of Saint Peris
(f.d. today) (Benedictines).

Troparion of St Cian Tone 8
Renouncing thy warlike ways, O Father Cian,/ thou didst engage in thy
fiercest fight with the powers of darkness./ Pray, we beseech thee, that
our spiritual struggles may be pleasing to Christ our God,/ that He will
show us great mercy.

St. Emers (The Two)
5th century. The two Emers were sisters of Saint Guasacht of Granard
(f.d. January 24) and daughters of Miluic who was SaintPatrick's former
master. Patrick himself gave the Emers the veil of consecrated virgins
and installed them in the first convent in Ireland (D'Arcy, Montague).

St. Peris of Wales
Dates unknown. No record of the life of Saint Peris exists except the
dedication of Llanberis in northern Wales (Benedictines).


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