On 20/09/16 18:37, Alice Wonder wrote:
Need a PCI-E sound card with low profile bracket, optical out, and one
of those mini-din connectors that fans out into various analog connectors.

Only card I have been able to find so far uses a CM8828 chipset.

Looks like that chipset is natively supported by the kernel alsa driver
starting in 3.17 kernel but CentOS 7 uses 3.10 kernel.

It may have started out it's life as a 3.10 kernel, but Red Hat constantly backports updated drivers to support new hardware.

The only way to tell whether or not it is supported by a given driver is to query the PCI vendor:device ID.

Once you know these, you can query your system to see if the device is supported by any of your installed kernels:

grep -i VendorID /lib/modules/*/modules.alias | grep -i DeviceID

I did not see a package that was obviously for that chipset in elrepo.

Has that driver been backported into the RHEL/CentOS 7 kernel, and if
not, is it in elrepo?

Worst case scenario I suppose it may be possible to port the driver like
many of the elrepo drivers have been, but not sure I want to buy
hardware based on a "may be possible"

Thanks for any comments.

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