On 09/21/2016 02:48 PM, Valeri Galtsev wrote:
I use KeepassX. That one has versions for pretty much all open source
systems (Linux, *BSD) and for variety of others widely used systems:
MacOS, Android, iOS, MS Windows (just listed the ones I know of).

So we're back to this... KeepassX is compatible with the Keepass 2 database format, but is not Keepass. KeepassX has OS X and Windows ports, but the mobile clients you're referring to are also ports of Keepass (not KeepassX) or are Keepass-compatible applications.

KeepassX doesn't support plugins at all, so none of these are available:

to that I can open the same encrypted password store on pretty much all
devices and systems I use. However, no, I don't consider it reasonable for
myself to use it from inside web browser

Do you use KeepassX's auto-type? That's (approximately) what KeeFox does, except that the plugin interface is more secure. Note that KeepassX doesn't offer that feature on OS X and Windows. Since web passwords are probably the most common use of a password manager, auto-fill of web login forms should be considered an essential function for such a program. Between the two, Keepass is a much better option.
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