On 12.10.2016 06:26, John R Pierce wrote:
> On 10/11/2016 9:03 PM, Ashish Yadav wrote:
>> Please test that if both the server are communicating with each other at
>> 1Gbps or not via "iperf" tool.
>> If above gives result of 1Gbps then it will eliminate the NICs problem
>> then
>> you know that it is a problem with cisco switch only.
> after they forced the cisco ports to gigE, I was seeing 200-400Mbps in
> iPerf, which was odd.  servers were both very lightly loaded.
> BUT...   the switch ports kept going offline on us.   Note I have no
> admin access to the switch, its managed by IT so I have to go through
> channels to get anything.   I asked what error codes were causing the
> ports to go offline but haven't heard back.   as of right now, both
> servers are offline, (I can reach their IPMI management controller, and
> remotely log onto the console just fine, but the ports show no link).   
> When I was in the DC yesterday, I switched ports, same problem, I also
> switched the network cable with a different (HP) server, it had no
> problems on the same cable+port thats giving these supermicro servers
> problems.
> I'd chalk it up to a bad NIC, but two identical servers with two nic's
> each all have this problem,  so its got to be something else, some
> weirdness with the 82574L as implemented on these SuperMicro X8DTE-F
> servers running CentOS 6.7 ?!?    In our old DC, these servers ran rock
> solid for several years without any network issues at all, in that rack
> I had a Netgear JGS524

A while back there was an issue with this nic chipset and CentOS but I'm
not sure if this still applies to CentOS 6.7:

If this is your problem then adding "pcie_aspm=off" should fix it.


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