On 14/10/2016 15:45, Toralf Lund wrote:
On 14/10/16 16:23, Tris Hoar wrote:
On 14/10/2016 13:39, Toralf Lund wrote:

Is there any way to customise the top panel in CentOS 7 with GNOME 3
(which I recently tried for the first time)? Specifically, I want to add
"application launchers", as it will make start-up faster than the
standard alternatives. (Because you can move the mouse directly to the
right place - you don't have to carry out another action, wait for icons
or menu items to pop up, look for the right one etc first.)

People on the web talk about a "context" menu that opens if you use some
kind of weird combination of right mouse-click and Alt, Windows key,
Ctrl, left click, Alt Gr or whatever, but there seems to be no way to
make that happen on CentOS.

I found an answer of sorts in
In straight Gnome Shell -- CentOS 7 defaults to a modified version
using extensions -- the panel *is* locked. Visit extensions.gnome.org
to see if something there is useful.
- but I don't think I quite understand it. I mean, the ability to add
extensions is nice, but if the panel is locked, isn't an "unlock"
function what I should be looking for? This doesn't quite sound like an
"extension". Or is the actual menu everyone talks about itself an
extension? If that's the case, surely isn't there some other way to make
the changes? If the standard panel allows stuff to be added, there must
be a standard way to do it, right?

Also, if I do need extensions, I'd prefer to install it via the package
manager system rather than through a special web interface...

Does anyone know more about this? Any help would be appreciated. -
Except, that is, I don't really need anyone to suggest switching to MAME
or some other alternative desktop. I might end up doing just that, but
it really bugs me that I can't get functionality that's supposed to be
there to work...

- Toralf

Hi Toralf,

Have a look at

Maybe I should have been a bit more specific; I don't want launchers in
a menu accessed from the panel - I want the icons to appear directly in
the panel itself.

Ok, I think I understand now. Does this not work?

also look at Gnome Tweak Tool which lets you make some other changes
to how Gnome 3 works.
I tried this earlier, but didn't find any setting related to what I want.

That application Menu I believe will work on C7 (I'm using F24 as my
The menu is actually there already - the relevant extension seems to be

In the Fedora version, what happens if you press Alt and right-click on
the panel? If the answer is "nothing", how about
"Windows"+Alt+right-click or Ctrl+Alt+right-click?

Those do nothing for me either.

- Toralf


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