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> On 11/10/16 03:21, TE Dukes wrote:
> > Just a question, what exactly are these images?
> >
> > I see it mentioned on the CentOS website but not a lot of info on
> > exactly what it is and what it does.
> >
> > How does this differ from a CentOS 7 VM installed from an ISO? Are
> > these just pre-made images?
> these are images prebuilt to work in cloud infrastructure like openshift /
> amazon ec2 etc. they are pre-setup with cloud-init tools and are formatted
> different backing filetypes.
> you can use them for local VM's as well, but you will just need to do a
> more work since there is no way to login to the images without exporting
> metadata externally to setup passwords and keys etc.

Sorry I haven't replied sooner. Still trying to digest this.

I appreciate your response. I have no idea what you said or what use they
would be if you couldn't login except via SSH. How would you add content? I
did see something about having to change the root password or something.

Might spin one up to see, I'm still lost.

Is there a demo site?


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