On 15/10/16 10:45, Dario Lesca wrote:
Il giorno ven, 14/10/2016 alle 14.39 +0200, Toralf Lund ha scritto:
I want to add "application launchers", as it will make start-up
faster than the standard alternatives.
Gnome 3 don't like comfortable "personal application launcher" and
you're happy. It want you use mouse and keyboard to run some standard
apps. If you want use this DE like all DE, you must install and active
some extension.
I believe a prominent GNOME developer once talked about the "un-break my application" preference in the context of how not to implement configurability. And now GNOME has turned into a system where you need "un-break my desktop environment" extensions...

Specially do not like Right click in some places and "Add new
Launcher", this is gone for a long time and I believe dont't come
But how about adding other stuff, like "system-wide" extensions?

Like I said, it does seem like users of other distributions get some kind of configuration options via right-click...

I use this extension to launch my custom application with personal
setting, like personal shell command and ssh connections:


For now, with some hack work, but it seems is no longer supported in
the future, and I'm not a java script expert to maintainer it.

I use Gnome on Fedora from a long time unfortunately, but When this
extension (connman) will no longer work on a next new version of Gnome,
I stop using Gnome and shall, with a bit of difficulty, go to another


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