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I've tried to figure out how to get Network Manager to leave various
configuration files alone and just gave up - resorting to cron job
running as root every minute fixing them if they have been modified.
My home router - the caching nameserver it uses doesn't enforce DNSSEC
and crashes about once a week, requiring a restart. So I just don't use
it except for my phone and tablet, and just run unbound on my local
machines, but Network Manager keeps trying to use the nameserver
assigned by the router DHCP (which is the router) and other than a once
a minute cron job, can't figure out how to tell Network Manager to
ignore the nameserver setting.

Have you tried setting PEERDNS=no in the
/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-<X> script(s)?

I have an ancient note here from 5.x days with the above fix.

That might work on my desktop but I don't think it would work on my laptop where it seems to create new network scripts for every wifi network it connects to.

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