On 02/02/18 10:09, Felipe Westfields wrote:
I would like to be able to allow regular users that don't have admin
privileges to be able to reboot their workstation. (they're software
developers so rebooting their workstation doesn't affect anybody else)

I tried changing the ownership of /sbin/reboot and /sbin/shutdown to
root:users and permissions to 550, but that didn't work - it's still asking
for root privileges.

Possibly the problem might be that there's centralized LDAP authentication,
not local, so the changes I made only apply to local accounts?

Any suggestions?

If they are local users (sitting in front of that computer), they will be able to use the commands


without any need of special privileges, which tells RedHat and CentOS apart from majority of Linuxes. This is incredibly logical (Thanks, RedHat!), as local user can just press power button, or yank AC cord.

To allow remote users reboot machine you can allow them execute some commands via sudo , like:

sudo reboot

Command sudo means Substitute User DO; when username of substitute user is not mentioned in command user "root: is used as substitute user, this is where misinterpreting the command as "super user do" originates, and the last is wrong. Do "man visudo", "man sudo", to learn details.

Incidentally, rebooting machine is rather big deal, if that is used to resolve some trouble happening every so often, I would rather look into fixing the cause of that trouble.


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