+1 Mobaxterm, X11 and SFTP support out of the box, also you get a nice bash 
terminal with it and some extra cygwin based goodies.

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> On 07/02/18 22:58, m.r...@5-cent.us wrote:
>> Pete Biggs wrote:
>>> On Wed, 2018-02-07 at 14:45 -0500, m.r...@5-cent.us wrote:
>>>> Is there some way to do this? I've got the current putty (actually,
>>>> putty-cac), pageant, and plink in my user's Downlods directory - neither
>>>> he nor I have admin authority on his laptop, and Desktop support's
>>>> teleworking today - but I can't seem to find a way to configure xming to
>>>> look there for putty.
>>>> Or is it start putty, *then* start xming?
>>> No start xming in passive mode (I don't know xming so don't know how to
>>> do that - you just want to start the xserver and not have it start any
>>> applications on the remote machine).
>>> Start putty with X11 forwarding turned on and connect.
>>> You should now be able to start X programs.
>>> The important thing is that the server needs to be started before
>>> initiating the connection so that a display can be assigned.
>> Thank you! That did it. He's happy.
>>> Can I suggest an alternative though. I've started using MobaXterm
>>> recently and I'm quite impressed: X11 server, SSH/putty client built
>>> in, GL capable etc.  Home use is free.
>> I can look at it, but this is what he knows, and he's too busy to try
>> something else. Hell, he's just pushed me updating and rebooting his
>> at-work CentOS workstation until next week, and I have a job to keep them
>> going, not for my convenience. <G>
>>        mark
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> I'd second Moba as a solution to contacting a Linux server from a Win
> box.  https://mobaxterm.mobatek.net/ states that "You can download and
> use MobaXterm Home Edition for free. If you want to use it inside your
> company, you should consider subscribing to MobaXterm Professional
> Edition: this will give you access to much more features, professional
> support and "Customizer" software."  The keywords here are "should" and
> "consider".
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