Yeah. I was very disappointed with the final quality of the videos from
that room. Hopefully I can learn from this and make it better next time.
Nothing to be done about it now unfortunately.

If you'd like to help put together a meetup in the London area I'd be glad
to help. I know KB has expressed interest too.

On Wed, Feb 14, 2018, 07:08 Always Learning <> wrote:

> Mmmmm - Some illumination on the speaker would be advantageous. Perhaps
> it would have been better filming/videoing from the right, rather than
> the left, side.
> Viewing it on my PC (running Centos of course), Mr Singh's talking is
> not always distinct. Different types of mic provide different levels of
> clarity. A laval mic (clip-on miniature microphone) with better audio
> would probably help.
> Am interested to know what camera and mic were used.
> When is the next presentation in the London/greater London area ?
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