Install the excellent openconnect client from EPEL, I think there is also a 
NetworkManager plugin for it so you can use a UI, though the cli is not too bad.

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> I have the above installed on a couple of 64-bit systems, both CentOS 6 and
> CentOS 7, where the client works fine.
> Now, however, I have installed the 32-bit version of CentOS 6 on a netbook 
> but I
> cannot get the Cisco website installer to recognize the computer/operating
> system, not even displaying any error message.
> Does anyone have the client running on a 32-bit system? I have been told it
> should run on a 32-bit system and did have it running on the same netbook 
> while
> it was still running Vista Home edition, another 32-bit operating system.
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