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> Subject: Re: [CentOS] CentOS 7 1708 won't boot after grub2 update
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> > No gray 7-boot screen. Might be a graphics issue, the card is a Nvidia
> with no particular drivers loaded except for the default Nouveau package.
> > What's weird is that I can't even get a CLI login screen with
ctrl-alt-Fx at this
> point.
> >
> > Will continue trouble-shooting and see if I can resolve this properly.
> >
> Edit the grub line to boot into single user and remove "rhgb" and
> "quiet" so you can see all the messages. See where it stops.
> I've seen issues recently with Intel chipset and RAID - a couple of my
> machines have paused for a very long time after booting and before
> presenting login screens/prompts. It looks as if checking the array
> after a non-clean shutdown is sucking so much CPU time that nothing
> else happens. (The secondary issue is why it's shutting down without
> marking the array as clean!)


You use xfs on these machines?


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