>   finally, any concerns i should have about upgrading the kernel from
> 3.10 to 4.14 or 4.15, as explained in a number of places like this:
> https://www.tecmint.com/install-upgrade-kernel-version-in-centos-7/
>   i simply prefer to run a current kernel but i can resist the
> temptation if upgrading that on a centos 7.4 system would introduce
> more problems than are worth it.
The only reason to use a kernel version that isn't provided with the
distro is if the newer kernel provides features that you **NEED**.

Remember, the whole point of something like CentOS is to provide a
stable, solid OS. This requires a whole bunch of testing of the OS as a
whole - and RHEL (and hence CentOS) does all that testing using kernels
it provides. What's more RH will backport critical kernel updates if
appropriate - so it's not the case that an older kernel is lacking in

I seem to remember you said you were going to teach using these
machines - surely you want those machines to be as stable and as
standard as possible to the machines the students will find in the
wild. I would definitely not encourage students to upgrade kernels -
novices sysadmins don't need an extra level of uncertainty in their


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