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As a customer visting a store, would you go to the lengths of configuring
cell phone (or other wireless device) to authenticate with a RADIUS server
order to gain internet access through the wirless network of the store?

 From what I´m being told, everyone already has internet access with their
phones from their phone service provider and is apparently happy with that
even though the amount of data they can transmit is ridiculously low.  So
would anyone do any configuring and have to worry about protecting ther
when and for using the wireless network of a shop they´re visting?

I have no idea what the lengths of configuring might be other than that
you try to do with a cell phone or a tablet is so extremely painful or
impossible that I only touch them when I get paid for it.  Perhaps RADIUS
authentication is easy with such devices.

Corporate mobile devices are typically configured using MDM to already
have the company 802.1x profile so they "just work" on the corporate

MDM?  I´ve never heared that before; might be worthwhile to look into.

Guest mobile devices will connect to another SSID, which
usually only allows access to the internet (sometimes after agreeing
to a AUP via a captive web portal).

Yes, that´s one of the ideas.  Another idea is to allow unregistered
customers access for a limited amount of time and allowing registered
customers (like regular customers having a customer card) an unlimited
amount of time.  I have no idea yet how I would limit the time.

That requires some way to distinguish between customers, and it means
that distinguishing between devices is not sufficient for registered
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