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> Hi all!
> I've finally been reduced to having to install Skype on my Linux box.
> I resisted for years, but now ended up trying it.
> and while the latest RPM installs just fine, it refuses to acknowledge
> that I have a microphone!
> In fact I have two: 1 in the USB web cam (it finds the cam), the second
> in a Plantronics USB headset, which works fine but not with skype.
> it is as if it doesn't exist.
> So, when I connect to someone I can hear them, see them, and they can
> see me, but I'm producing no sound output.
> All the web hits I can find for nonfunctional microphone on the web
> are for Ubuntu. GAH!
> running ldd against the skypeforlinux binary results in a huge list
> of shared libraries, including libasound (which is what the ubuntu
> messages say is missing).
> Anybody got a clue?

BTw, there's package update (, maybe try it?



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