Gordon Messmer wrote:
On 03/01/2018 09:26 AM, hw wrote:
I was asking for documentation telling me how RADIUS can be used, not only
that it can be used.

RADIUS is a backend component of 802.1x and WPA2 Enterprise.  You appear to be 
looking for information on how to use those two.  If you look for documentation 
on those, you should be able to find what you're looking for.


The task is to provide wireless coverage for employees and customers on
company premises.  It is desirable to be able to keep track of customers,
as in knowing where exactly on the premises they currently are (within
like 3--5 feet, which is apparently tough), and simpler things like knowing
how long they stay and if they have been on the premises before.

You probably want to capture the WAP logs.  Their location will be best 
correlated with the specific WAP they connect to, assuming you have multiple.  
The client MAC address will be your best indication of whether or not they've 
been there before.

The location of customers would remain a problem because they could be
anywhere within a radius of about 100m around an access point they are
connected to.

Employees could use a program on their phones to help locating them, but
I have no idea how to program a phone.  It´s not like you could find
good documentation about that ...
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