On 2018-04-12, Paul R. Ganci
<ga...@nurdog.com> wrote:
> I just did a fresh minimal install of centos 7 on new hardware. While
> playing around with window systems I removed X windows like so:
> >yum remove "X Window system"
> and then tried to re install
> >yum group install "X Window system"
> which gives this error:
> Maybe run: yum groups mark install (see man yum) No packages in any
> requested group available to install or upgrade
> I tried running:
> >yum groups mark install "X Window system"
> and get the same message. I tried different permutations removing the
> "s" on groups. Nothing seems to bring back the yum "X Window system"
> group. Can anyone help me resolve this issue and tell me what I did
> wrong?
> Thanks for your help.


        yum group install "X Window System"

Note the capital 'S'.

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