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> >
> > Nothing jumps to my eyes looking at /var/log/messages but this, many
> > occurrences:
> >   kernel: nf_conntrack: falling back to vmalloc.
> >  
> nf_conntrack is only involved if you are doing some form of NAT routing on
> this system and/or fairly complex iptables kind of rules....

On this machine I do not do anything at iptables or firewall level but
opening ports for SSHD.

> you mentioned two different network interfaces, one wired, one
> wireless, how are you using these, what sort of routing between the
> two networks ?

The wired interface is directly bound to a 4G router (dhcp).
The wireless one is connected to a LAN (wifi -> wifi AP -> wire -> switch ->
wire -> router with iptables+dhcp -> wire -> xDSL box).



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