On Thu, 17 Dec 2015, Jaze Lee wrote:
> Hello cephers:
>     In our test, there are three monitors. We find client run ceph
> command will slow when the leader mon is down. Even after long time, a
> client run ceph command will also slow in first time.
> >From strace, we find that the client first to connect the leader, then
> after 3s, it connect the second.
> After some search we find that the quorum is not change, the leader is
> still the down monitor.
> Is that normal?  Or is there something i miss?

It's normal.  Even when the quorum does change, the client doesn't 
know that.  It should be contacting a random mon on startup, though, so I 
would expect the 3s delay 1/3 of the time.

A long-standing low-priority feature request is to have the client contact 
2 mons in parallel so that it can still connect quickly if one is down.  
It's requires some non-trivial work in mon/MonClient.{cc,h} though and I 
don't think anyone has looked at it seriously.


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