Hey cephers,

In the pursuit of openness I wanted to share a ceph-related bit of
work that is happening beyond our immediate sphere of influence and
see who is already contributing, or might be interested in the


EMC’s CoprHD initiative continues to try to expand their influence
through open contribution. Currently there is work to integrate Ceph
support into their SB SDK. So, a few questions for anyone who wishes
to weigh in:

1) Is this inherently interesting to you?
2) Are you already contributing to this effort (or would you be
interested in contributing to this effort)?
3) Would you want to see this made a priority by the core team to
review and “bless” an integration?

Just want to get an idea to see if anyone is really excited about this
and just hasn’t expressed it yet. If nothing else I wanted people to
be aware that it was an option that was floating around out there.

Best Regards,

Patrick McGarry
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