Nevermind, got it:


        * As an experimental feature, udev now tries to lock the
          disk device node (flock(LOCK_SH|LOCK_NB)) while it
          executes events for the disk or any of its partitions.
          Applications like partitioning programs can lock the
          disk device node (flock(LOCK_EX)) and claim temporary
          device ownership that way; udev will entirely skip all event
          handling for this disk and its partitions. If the disk
          was opened for writing, the close will trigger a partition
          table rescan in udev's "watch" facility, and if needed
          synthesize "change" events for the disk and all its partitions.
          This is now unconditionally enabled, and if it turns out to
          cause major problems, we might turn it on only for specific
          devices, or might need to disable it entirely. Device Mapper
          devices are excluded from this logic.

On 18/12/2015 17:32, Loic Dachary wrote:
>>> AFAICT udevd started doing this in v214.
> Do you have a specific commit / changelog entry in mind ? I'd like to add it 
> to the commit message fixing the problem reference.
> Thanks !

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