While implementing the buildvolfrom method in libvirt for RBD I'm stuck
at some point.

$ virsh vol-clone --pool myrbdpool image1 image2

This would clone image1 to a new RBD image called 'image2'.

The code I've written now does:

1. Create a snapshot called image1@libvirt-<epochtimestamp>
2. Protect the snapshot
3. Clone the snapshot to 'image1'

wido@wido-desktop:~/repos/libvirt$ ./tools/virsh vol-clone --pool
rbdpool image1 image2
Vol image2 cloned from image1


root@alpha:~# rbd -p libvirt info image2
rbd image 'image2':
        size 10240 MB in 2560 objects
        order 22 (4096 kB objects)
        block_name_prefix: rbd_data.1976451ead36b
        format: 2
        features: layering, striping
        parent: libvirt/image1@libvirt-1450724650
        overlap: 10240 MB
        stripe unit: 4096 kB
        stripe count: 1

But this could potentially lead to a lot of snapshots with children on

image1 itself will probably never change, but I'm wondering about the
negative performance impact this might have on a OSD.

I'd rather not hardcode a snapshot name like 'libvirt-parent-snapshot'
into libvirt. There is however no way to pass something like a snapshot
name in libvirt when cloning.

Any bright suggestions? Or is it fine to create so many snapshots?

Wido den Hollander
42on B.V.
Ceph trainer and consultant

Phone: +31 (0)20 700 9902
Skype: contact42on
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