>Thanks for your quick reply. Yeah, the number of file really will be the 
>potential problem. But if just the memory problem, we could use more memory in 
>our OSD

Add more mem might not be a viable solution:
Ceph does not say how much data is stores in an inode but the docs say the 
xattr of ext4 is not big enough.
Assuming xfs will use 512 bytes is probably very optimistic.
So for e.g. 300 million inodes you are talking about, at least, 150GB.

>Also, i tested it on XFS use mdtest, here is the result:
>FS: 824.5 GiB   Used FS: 4.8%   Inodes: 52.4 Mi   Used Inodes: 0.6%

52 million files without extended attributes is probably not a real life 
scenario for a filled up ceph node with multiple OSDs.

Robert van Leeuwen

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