On Fri, 25 Dec 2015, ?? wrote:
> Hi all,
>     When we read the code, we haven?t find the function that the client can 
> bind a specific IP. In Ceph?s configuration, we could only find the parameter 
> ?public network?, but it seems acts on the OSD but not the client.
>     There is a scenario that the client has two network cards named NIC1 and 
> NIC2. The NIC1 is responsible for communicating with cluster (monitor and 
> RADOS) and the NIC2 has other services except Ceph?s client. So   we need the 
> client can bind specific IP in order to differentiate the IP communicating 
> with cluster from another IP serving other applications. We want to know is 
> there any configuration in Ceph to achieve this function? If there is, how 
> could we configure the IP? if not, could we add this function in Ceph? Thank 
> you so much.

Right.  There isn't a configurable to do this now--we've always just let 
the kernel network layer sort it out. Is this just a matter of calling 
bind on the socket before connecting? I've never done this before..

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