I playing around with the ceph balancer in luminous and nautilus. While
tuning some balancer settings I experienced some problems with nautilus.

In Luminous I cold configure the max_misplaced value like this:
 ceph config-key set mgr/balancer/max_misplaced 0.002

With the same command in nautilus I get this Warning:
 WARNING: it looks like you might be trying to set a ceph-mgr module
 configuration key.  Since Ceph 13.0.0 (Mimic), mgr module configuration
 is done with `config set`, and new values set using `config-key set`
 will be ignored.

After investigating the nautilus documentation
I tried this:
 ceph config set mgr mgr/balancer/max_misplaced 0.002

and get this error:
 Error EINVAL: unrecognized config option 'mgr/balancer/max_misplaced'

My question is, how can I configure this parameters? In general the
whole "ceph config" foo confuses me a bit.

ceph version 14.2.2 (4f8fa0a0024755aae7d95567c63f11d6862d55be) nautilus

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