Hi all,

A group of friends and my self are documenting a hands-on workshop about
Ceph https://github.com/Nafiux/ceph-workshop, for learning purposes.

The idea is to provide visibility step-by-step on common scenarios, from
basic usage, to disaster and recovery scenarios.

We will hold a workshop next weekend, and some of the ideas for learning

   - Configure and learn how to consume Block Storage Devices
   - Configure and learn how to consume File Systems Storage
   - Configure and learn how to consume Object Storage
   - Simulate a disaster and recovery event by killing a node and setting
   up a new one
   - Simulate a node migration

Any idea or feedback is welcome! From the way we've decided to install Ceph
(ceph-ansible), the way we're configuring the cluster, suggestions on basic
day-to-day operations we should learn, etc.

Thanks for your support!

Ignacio Ocampo
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