does CephFS impose an upper limit on the number of files in a directory?

We currently have one directory with a large number of subdirectories:

$ ls | wc -l

Creating a new subdirectory fails:

$ touch foo
touch: cannot touch 'foo': No space left on device

Creating files in a different directory does not show any problems. The last message in the MDS log relates to the large directory:

2016-09-15 07:51:54.539216 7f24ef2a6700 0 mds.0.bal replicating dir [dir 100008bf9a6 /volumes/biodb/ncbi_genomes/all/ [2,head] auth v=57751905 cv=0/0 ap=0+2+2 state=1073741826|complete f(v0 m2016-08-22 08:51:34.714570 158141=3+158138) n(v182285 rc2016-08-22 11:59:34.976373 b3360569421156 2989670=2478235+511435) hs=158141+842,ss=0+0 | child=1 waiter=0 authpin=0 0x7f252ca05f00] pop 12842 .. rdp 7353.96 adj 0

Any hints what might go wrong in this case? MDS is taken from the current jewel git branch due to some pending backports:

# ceph-mds --version
ceph version 10.2.2-508-g9bfc0cf (9bfc0cf178dc21b0fe33e0ce3b90a18858abaf1b)

CephFS is mounted via kernel implementation:

# uname -a
Linux waas 4.6.6-040606-generic #201608100733 SMP Wed Aug 10 11:35:29 UTC 2016 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

ceph-fuse from jewel is also affected.

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