Thanks a lot guys.

I’ll try to do as you told me.

Best Regards

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> Il giorno 20 set 2016, alle ore 12:20, Vincent Godin <> 
> ha scritto:
> Hi, 
> In fact, when you increase your pg number, the new pgs will have to peer 
> first and during this time, a lot a pg will be unreachable. The best way to 
> upgrade the number of PG of a cluster (you 'll need to adjust the number of 
> PGP too) is :
> Don't forget to apply Goncalo advices to keep your cluster responsive for 
> client operations. Otherwise, all the IO and CPU will be used for the 
> recovery operations and your cluster will be unreachable. Be sure that all 
> these new parameters are in place before upgrading your cluster
> stop and wait for scrub and deep-scrub operations
> ceph osd set noscrub
> ceph osd set nodeep-scrub
> set you cluster in maintenance mode with :
> ceph osd set norecover
> ceph osd set nobackfill
> ceph osd set nodown
> ceph osd set noout
> wait for your cluster not have scrub or deep-scrub opration anymore
> upgrade the pg number with a small increment like 256
> wait for the cluster to create and peer the new pgs (about 30 seconds)
> upgrade the pgp number with the same increment
> wait for the cluster to create and peer (about 30 seconds)
> (Repeat the last 4 operations until you reach the number of pg and pgp you 
> want
> At this time, your cluster is still functionnal. 
> Now you have to unset the maintenance mode
> ceph osd unset noout
> ceph osd unset nodown
> ceph osd unset nobackfill
> ceph osd unset norecover
> It will take some time to replace all the pgs but at the end you will have a 
> cluster with all pgs active+clean.During all the operation,your cluster will 
> still be functionnal if you have respected Goncalo parameters
> When all the pgs are active+clean, you can re-enable the scrub and deep-scrub 
> operations
> ceph osd unset noscrub
> ceph osd unset nodeep-scrub
> Vincent
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